EWAC Cold Repair Compound System

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           Product                                               Main Uses Mix Ratio (By Weight) Pot-life Of Mix Hardening Time
MeCaTec Express Ideal for emergency repairs. Typical application-Oil Lines, pump impeller & bearing areas. 4:1 5-10 Minutes 1-2 Hrs
MeCaTec 1 (P) Resistance to atmospheric oxidation. Deposits can be machines with Tungsten Carbide-repair machine frames, cast iron housings, keyways etc. 3:1 15-20 Minutes 16 Hrs
MeCaTec 2 Excellent corrosion resistance in liquid media. Typical application-Pump Casings, Valve body etc. 1:1 20-30 Minutes 16 Hrs
MeCaTec 3 (P) High abrasion resistance at low pressure. Anti-wear coating new parts 5:2 20-30 Minutes 16 Hrs
MeCaTec 10  Repair on rubber parts. Deposits, exhibits good protection against impact accompanied by medium corrosion & cavitation 10:1 15-20 Minutes 16 Hrs
MeCaTec 51 HT Deposits harden in short time. Can withstand temperature upto 175 Deg. Typical applications-Cylinder heads, Hot water lines, Steam pipes etc. 5:1 5-10 Minutes 4 Hrs
CP MeCaTeC 53 BL Low friction. Smooth surface finish. Offers combined resistance to wear and corrosion. Semi-fluid consistency for brush on application. 3.5:1 20-30 Minutes 16 Hrs

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