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                         Product                   Main Features Typical Application Hardness
EWAC 1001 EB Boron Carbide Deposits-Retains high hardness at elevated temperature. Resist galling, Scoring & Seizing Cams, Screws, Ceramic die cutters, Fan blades, Dies Tools etc. 55-62 HRc
EWAC 1002 ET Tungsten Carbide Deposits-Retains hardness at high temperature. Unequalled abrasion resistance & excellent edge retention Conveyor chains, Mixer paddles, Muller ploughs, Die frames, Tyre chains & mechanical seals 57-64 HRc
EWAC 1003 EBZ Bronze Chrome Powder with low coefficient of friction, excellent machinability & superior toughness. Unlimited build up capability Shafts, Gears, Valve seats, Pumps feed rolls, Moulds, Splines, Rear axle tubes 36-42 HRc
EWAC 1004 EN Universal use on Cast Iron, Good machinability, high resistance to impact, exhibits good tensile strength & ductility Engine Blocks, Exhaust manifold, Differential housings gears etc. 80-100 HRb
EWAC 1005 EC Deposits ideal for Build-up on Steel, SS & Ni alloys. Excellent corrosion resistance, ideal for joining, cladding & sealing Gears, Shafts, Pattern, Clutches, Templates & Keyways 80-100 HRb
EWAC 1006 EE Unique Cobalt based alloy formulation. Excellent corrosion resistance, outstanding abrasion, frictional resistance at elevated temperature Valves, Punches, Ingot tongs, Guide rolls, Wire drawing blocks, Charging rams, Valve spindles 43-50 HRc

Proxon Thermal Spray Powders

                    Product                                  Main Features Typical Applications Technical Features
ProXon 21021 One step self-bonding alloy. Alloy provides excellent toughness and corrosion resistance Property. Motors shafts, Steel mill rolls shafts etc. ·  Hardness: 75 HRb ·  Thickness: 0.250" ·  Service Temp: 5400C
ProXon 21022 General purpose machinable self-bonding powder. Exceptional frictional resistance. Recommended for bearing areas. Rotor shaft, Pump shaft, Gear box shaft spindles etc. ·  Hardness: 80 HRb ·  Thickness: 0.250" ·  Service Temp: 6500C
ProXon 21031 Best alloy for resistance to erosion & cavitation.  Ideal for sliding friction &  corrosion resistance at high temperature Water turbine blades, Pump parts turbine rotor etc. ·  Hardness: 72 HRb ·  Thickness: 0.250" ·  Service Temp: 7600C
ProXon 21032 S Self-bonding powder for corrosion & abrasion. Coatings can be machined to ground finish. Gland pack areas, Oil seal area, Gear box shaft etc. ·  Hardness: 30 HRb ·  Thickness: 0.065" ·  Service Temp: 6500C
ProXon 21071 Aluminium-Bronze alloy for corrosion resistance coating.  Tough deposits. Pump sleeves, Valve stem, Marine shaft, Propeller shaft & Journal areas etc. ·  Hardness: 57 HRb ·  Thickness: 0.250" ·  Service Temp: 3700C

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