Cast iron

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Product Process Main Uses Tensile strength (PSI)
EutecTrode 27 ac/dc+ ARC Joining and sealing of oil soaked cast iron not requiring machinable weld metal --
CPCI 026 ac/dc- ARC Welding repair of foundry defects, also rectification of machining errors & buildup of worn out cast iron parts 60,000
Xyron 223 ac/dc+ ARC For heavy sections, maximum crack, resistance, machinable 57,000
Xyron 224 ac/dc- ARC Thin sections, minimum dilution, outstanding machinability 50,000
Xuper Xyron 242 ac/dc- ARC Minimum dilution grey cast iron, greater ease of application 50,000
Xuper 2240 ac/dc- ARC Penetrates contaminated cast iron surfaces, nodular deposits, machinable 58,000
Xuper 22*33N ac/dc+ ARC An innovative core wire design electrode for machinable welding of cast iron with maximum strength and crack resistance 72,000