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Product Process Main Uses Hardness Tensile strength (PSI)
EutecTrode 2 ac/dc+ ARC Wear protective coating on steels for high abrasion and mild impact resistance 55-61 HRc  
EutecTrode 2B ac/dc+ ARC Machinable build-up. Resists severe impact. High compressive strength 25-35 HRc  
ToolTectice 6HSS ac/dc+ ARC High speed steel coatings on mild or alloy steel cutting edges. Heat treatable 57-63 HRc  
CP HFD 010 ARC Joining & build-up of all drop forging tools, excellent compatibility with Die Block steels 35-45 HRc  
CPSM 022 ARC Suitable for overlay of industrial machinery components fabricated from low carbon steels, low alloy steels. Ideal for re-conditioning Sugar Mill Rollers   82,500
CPBF 024 ac/dc+ ARC For multi-layer overlay on all types plain carbon steels & ferrite/martensitic low & medium alloy steels

-At 300 C 48-52 HRc

-At 4000 C 42 HRc

DieTec D35 dc+ ARC Ideal for metal to metal wear, high impact resistance & superior deformation resistance

As welded 35-45 HRc

after tempering 35-42 HRc

Auto Tec CI 45 dc+ ARC A new generation electrode suitable for wear protection of Cr-Mo alloyed cast iron dies. Tough weld deposit for adhesive wear  42-48 HRc  
AutoTec ST 46 dc+/- ARC A new generation electrode suitable for wear protection of trimming & flanging dies in automotive industries  54-58 HRc  
EWAC TE 81 ac/dc+ ARC Surfacing with minimum heat input & low dilution. High deposition rate & metal recovery 60-65 HRc  
CPET 071 ac/dc+ ARC Tubular flux cored electrode for low cost abrasive wear protection 55-62 HRc  
EWAC TE 101 ac/dc+ ARC Tubular electrode with high temperature tribological properties.

- 65-70 HRc (on MS)

- 58-63 HRc (on SS 304)

CPET 072 ac/dc+ ARC Specially designed tubular electrode with Fe-Cr-C Alloy matrix, weld deposit offers ultimate abrasive resistance combined with light impact  60-65 HRc  
PyroCarb 077 ac/dc- ARC Refractory Carbides of Cr, Mo, Nb, W, V in FE-Cr-C matrix .Ideal wear protection for abrsion & erosion at elevated temperatures 60-68 HRc  
VanCarb 078 ac/dc- ARC Advanced wear facing electrode designed for severe abrasion applications under pressure and moderate impact 60-65 HRc  
SuperGrip 88 ac/dc+ ARC For wear protection of Sugarcane crusher roller teeth in "insitu" & with "juice on"   50-60 HRc  
SuperFuse 123 ARC /GAS Paint on paste formulated by suspending Chrome Boride particles in aqueous base for easy application. Ideal for abrasion & erosion resistance  68-72 HRc  
Xuper 185 XFC Brazing Flux coated brazing alloy for built up & overlay application on all ferrous and non-ferrous alloys 95 HRb  
EutecTrode 400ac/dc+ ARC Build-up and joining manganese steels. For severe impact, shock, hammering

-As deposited 25-30 HRc

-Work hardened 35-55 HRc

XHD 646 ac/dc+ ARC Anti-wear TeroCote protection, joining, cladding

- As deposited 80-90 HRb

-Work hardened 28-32 HRc

EutecTrode 700 ac/dc- ARC Abrasion resistant coating of steels, withstands severest wear  60-68 HRc  
Xuper TurboTec 5300 ac/dc+ ARC ProTECtive coating, repair and joining applications on 13% Cr Steels 34-38 HRc 1,47,000
ChromCarb N*6006 ac/dc+ ARC Resists abrasion accompanied by mild impact. Excellent compressive strength  55-61 HRc  
EutecTrode 6450 ac/dc+ ARC Fastest work hardenable alloy with superior anti-impact property coupled with pressure and abrasion

- As deposited 15-25 HRc

-Work hardened 35-45 HRc

TriboTuf 6517 ac/dc+ ARC Uniqu titanium carbide alloy system for wear-facing against severe impact & abrasion 52-60 HRc  
XHD AbraTec N*6710 ac/dc- ARC Anti-wear coating on carbon steels, austentic manganese steels and irons, excellent resistance to abrasion 62 - 68 HRc  
XHD AbraTec N* 6715 ac/dc- ARC Protection of carbon steel and austenitic manganese steels for application encountering abrasion and erosion at elevated temperature 62-68 HRc  
EutecTrode 6800 ac/dc+ ARC High alloy electrode for joining and overlaying of nickel based alloys   1,00,000
Xuper Dril-Tec 8800 Brazing Super hard particles in matrix provide outstanding abrasion resistance/cutting action

Matrix: 200 BHN

Carbide: 1200 HV (min)

EutecDur N 9060 ac/dc+ ARC Cobalt-based alloy for hard overlays with resistance to wear by corrosion, galling, impact, abrasion at elevated temperatures  35-45 HRc  
EutecDur 9080 ac/dc+ ARC High resistance to impact friction, abrasion and erosion. Superior elevated temperature properties  25-35 HRc  
EutecDur N 9120 ac/dc+ ARC A high cobalt-based alloy for hard overlays with resistance to wear by impact and abrasion at elevated temperature 40-50 HRc  
NanoCarb 110 ac/dc+ ARC Scientifically engineered electrode based on Nano technology, that exhibits extraordinary wear resistance given at elevated temperature 67-71 HRc  
EWAC COB 6 ac/dc+ ARC Cobalt based surfacing alloy for hot abrasion & corrosion resistance 35-45 HRc  
EWAC COB 21 ac/dc+ ARC Work hardening cobalt based surfacing alloy with hot impact resistance & edge retention properties.

- 28-35 HRc (As welded)

- 45-50 HRc (work hardened)

EWAC Ditool H6 ac/dc+ ARC New generation electrode for surfacing and build-up of dies & tools

- as welded 38-45 HRc 

- 480 OC for 3hours 56-61 HRc

- 520 OC for 3hours 57-63 HRc

- 560 OC for 3hours 58-64 HRc