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Product Process Main Uses Bonding temp O C Tensile strength (PSI)
EutecRod 157 Soldering Stainless steels, steels, copper. Non-toxic, free of cadmium, lead, zinc and antimony; corrosion resistant 225 15,000
Eutec-StrainTrode B-L ac/dc+ ARC Extra low carbon content-18/8 & 18/9 stainless steel types-high corrosion & resistance to heat, impact & scaling   80,000
Eutec-StrainTrode D ac/dc+ ARC Welding on all stainless steels of unknown analysis. Ideal for high temperature application    95,000
Eutec-StrainTrode A-MO-L ac/dc+ ARC Extra low carbon content with molybdenum-Ideal for acid pitting applications-exceptional corrosion resistance   85,000
CPFT 023 ac/dc+ ARC Nil ferrite electrode ideal for repair of SS Urea processing equipment & highly corrosive media   80,000
Terra HT 96 ac/dc+ ARC Special purpose SS electrode for joining a wide variety of SS and MS base materials for high temperature oxidation and heat resistance applications   90,000