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Product Process Main Uses Bonding temp O C Tensile strength (PSI)
Eutec–Tinweld 1 Soldering Paint-on solder paste with flux for all metals, except aluminium and, magnesium 190 7,000
Xuper 16 XFC Brazing Super wettability and bonding on the base materials. Excellent capillary actions. Durable elastic flux coating 875 1,00,000 
Xuper 145 XFC Brazing Brazing alloy for all types of  steels, stainless steel, Copper alloys, cast iron & galvanised sheets 850 65,000
EutecRod 1601 Brazing Tool tipping. Also for steels, stainless steel. Thin flowing, high strength 660 60,000
Hand-O-Matic ac/dc- ARC Low carbon steel sheets, forms, plates, tanks. All position   72,000
CPEM 021 ac/dc+ ARC Welding of similar & dissimilar combinations of low-medium carbon steels, low alloy steels, manganese steels. Ideal for construction & mining equipment repair   84,000
Xuper 660 NH ac/dc+ ARC Medium carbon, low alloy, sulphur bearing, free machining steels. Low hydrogen type   81,000
EutecTrode 670 ac/dc+ ARC All steels and stainless steels of unknown type's dissimilar thicknesses. Heat & corrosion resistant   97,000
EutecTrode 680 ac/dc+ ARC Super strength non-cracking alloy for dissimilar alloy steel joining, tool steels etc.   1,20,000
Xuper 680 S ac/dc+ ARC Ultimate strength and weldability. All steels, dies, tool, spring steel-available in 1.6mm range   1,20,000
Xuper 680 CGS ac/dc+ ARC Ultimate strength and weldability. All steels, dies, tool, spring Steel   1,20,000 
XHD 2222 ac/dc+ ARC Excellent resistance to oxidation, corrosion and thermal shock, extraordinary weldability without electrode overheating   90,000
Xuper Nucleo Tec 2222 ac/dc+  ARC Exclusive alloy for critical repair and maintenance welding of steels and nickel alloys. Used for crack free joining and repairing of dissimilar ferrous metal combinations including stainless steel.   90,000
CP HFD 011 ac/dc+ ARC Welding of cast steels, fabrication of micro alloyed & H.S.L.A steels. Especially suited for repair of forging equipment like column, sow blocks etc.   96,000