As an industry leader, we at EWAC believe that our customers should gain the full benefits of our advanced products. It is also our belief that a well-trained, qualified workforce is crucial to a company for achieving its goals. 

As Indian companies take on global competitors, the benchmarks for quality standards are being raised continually. To achieve competitive advantage, it has become necessary that the man on the shop floor be highly skilled. 

We have dedicated training institute at Ankleshwar – Gujarat, the institute is fully equipped with skilled training faculty and state-of-the-art equipment. Our training institute conduct standard training programmes for welders and engineers, and also customised training programmes as per specific customer requirements. 

Experts from our training centres can visit customers’ premises to impart on-site training. We also design and deliver programmes for specific needs of customers based on welding processes or industry types such as automobile, sugar, cement, mining, railways, defence, chemical and power to name a few. 

Training Centre

EWAC Institute are dedicated to Maintenance Welding Training Programmes since last 30 years to promote advanced knowledge and skills of Maintenance Welding Welders, Supervisors, Engineers & Managers about techniques & methods required to be adopted to carry out a maintenance welding job successfully thereby:

  • Prolonging the life of components
  • Reducing consumption of Spare Parts
  • Reducing the downtime due to premature failure
  • Increase in Profitability

Besides the central training institute at Ankleshwar - Gujarat, EWAC has a supporting training centre at New Delhi to cater to training needs of customers.