Research & Development Centre

R&D Centre of EWAC Alloys was established for the development of new products and technologies for
reclamation & wear protection in order to enhance life of components for core industries like cement, steel, power, mining, construction, railways, engineering etc.

This Centre focuses on

  • Strong Scientific Research
  • Differentiate Products, Solutions & Services
  • Networking with¬†Research Institutes
  • Develop World-class Infrastructure
  • Indigenisation of New Materials & Technologies


  • Recognised by Department of Science & Industrial research, Govt. of India.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities and experienced research team.
  • Customer focused research activities.
  • Innovation and adoption of new technologies.
  • Specialists in the areas of welding metallurgy and application engineering to offer total solutions.

R & D Services

    • Product Development
      Welding and brazing products, wear plates, flame spraying powder alloys and polymer compounds.
    • Application Development
      Develop applications, product recommendation, procedure qualification and implementation.
    • Structure-Property Co-relation
      Metallography with advanced tools and techniques enables to carryout structure-property co-relation, failure analysis and product development.
    • Wear & Corrosion Studies
      Specialised studies under different modes and test conditions, to rank different materials with respect to wear and corrosion properties for recommending correct products for specific applications.
    • Failure Analysis
      Assessing reasons for failure and recommending preventive measures.

R&D Centre Testing Facilities

    Equipped to evaluate special surfacing alloys for their resistance to wear and corrosion. Exclusive test rigs have been developed to simulate service conditions for ranking product performance under specific service conditions. Some of the facilities include:

    • Room Temperature and High Temperature Dry Sand Abrasion tester
    • Room Temperature and High Temperature Air Jet Erosion Tester
    • Electrochemical Corrosion Analyser
    • Optical emission spectrometer
    • C, S / O2, N2 Analyzers
    • Image Analysis System
    • Micro-hardness Tester
    • Mechanical Testing Equipment
    • Protective Atmosphere furnaces
    • Pilot Plants for Flux-coated electrodes, Cored wires, Wear Plates & Polymer compounds

Quality Assurance

    Quality is imbibed at all levels from raw material to finished products which ensures consistency.

    It is committed to continuous improvement  of processes and products.